golf courses in bourgas golf

golf courses in bourgas golf

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Golf courses in Bourgas Bulgaria

Bourgas Golf

Golf courses in Bourgas Bulgaria

Bulgaria Golf

Golf in Bulgaria has historically been serviced by just three courses. Two of these are owned by Air Sofia and located at Ihtiman (close to Sofia) and there is a newer course at Sliven near the Black Sea coast.

There have been recent press reports about additional golf courses that are proposed for Bulgaria. One of these is at Razgrad in the North East with others scheduled for Kavarna on the Northern Black Sea coast and at Primorsko near Sozopol.

In and around the Bulgarian ski resorts are two further proposed golf courses. One in the major ski resort of Bansko and a large proposed development at Dolna Banya (located between Kostenets and the Borovets ski resort) scheduled for completion in 2007.

Bourgas City Golf

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Golf Courses in Bourgas City Bulgaria
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Ahtopol Golf

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Golf Courses in Ahtopol Bulgaria
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Dunes Golf

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Golf Courses in Dunes Bulgaria
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Kitel Golf

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Golf Courses in Kitel Bulgaria
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Kotel Golf

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Lozenets Golf

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Nessebar Golf

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Golf Courses in about Nessebar information
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Pomorie Golf

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Golf Courses in about Pomorie information
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Primorsko Golf


Golf Courses in about Primorsko information
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Sliven Golf


Sliven information bulgaria
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Sozopol Golf

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Sungurlare Golf

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Tsarevo Golf

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Yambol Golf

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Zheravna Golf

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Sofia City Golf
Sofia Golf
Plovdiv Golf
Varna Golf
Rousse Golf
Lovetch Golf
Montana Golf
Sunny Beach Golf

Golf Courses in Sofia Bulgaria

Bourgas Maps

Golf Courses in Bourgas City Bulgaria

Webcams Bourgas Webcam

Golf Courses in Bourgas City Bulgaria

Bourgas Hotels

Golf Courses in Bourgas City Bulgaria

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